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Key Features of COVVI’s Robotic Hand

The COVVI Hand has been designed to be anatomically correct with day-to-day human functionality requirements at its core.  The COVVI Robotic Hand therefore boasts incredible dexterity, robustness and versatility which combined with its powerful level of customisable refinement makes it the ideal end effector for a diverse range of environments.

In order to achieve this, we have ensured our designs are world-leading in their capability, are customisable to each and every user, can withstand the strength and speed pressures required of a hand in a robotic environment, and most importantly are easy to use.

Key Features

Robust Versatility

In addition to the tough exterior materials (Silicone and High-Strength Polymers) used to protect the internal components, the strength and speed capabilities of the COVVI Robotic Hand are on par with market leaders.

We have brought our devices in line with the level of endurance required for extensive operation within a robotic environment across a wide range of sectors.

Ease Of Use

Having a robotic hand that works as close to a human one as possible goes a long way in making it easy to use.

The COVVI Robotic Hand has been developed so that customers no longer need to compromise between weight and the dexterity and grip strength of the robotic hand.

Key Features
Key Features

Passively Flexing Fingers and Thumb

There’s no need for external Bluetooth, gyro or RFID triggers with our COVVI Hand, as it is loaded with switching options to give users fast access to a multitude of grips.

Our digits are spring-loaded to provide impact protection and reduce the likelihood of damage, as well as being manufactured from stainless steel and aluminium for increased strength and durability.

Individually Driven Fingers

The fingers and thumb can all be driven and positioned individually and remotely using the COVVI Remote Control Interface. The control interface can also be used to switch the hand into any desired grip mode.

This advanced level of control allows the hand to complete complex tasks requiring high levels of dexterity.

Key Features
Key Features

Intuitive Thumb Control

Our powered thumb grip and rotation has both novel and intuitive switching. Alternatively, the dynamic mode uses both thumb motors simultaneously which gives direct access to opposed and unopposed grips.

The thumb rocker switch featured in the standard COVVI Hand has been removed to allow for a reinforced stronger thumb in the COVVI Robotic Hand.

Bayonet Mounted Wrist

The COVVI Robotic Hand has a bayonet wrist mount allowing customers to easily and securely attach the COVVI Robotic Hand to any robotic arm.

The bayonet-mounted wrist allows the hand to be quickly applied and removed.

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Key Features

Upgraded Sensors

The COVVI Robotic Hand utilises upgraded FFS sensors in each fingertip and a palm pressure sensor. These highly accurate sensors provide valuable feedback to the user on the level of force being applied to the hand.

Innovative Technical Support

COVVI is the first company in the industry to offer remote firmware updates, which can provide new features and bug fixes directly to the user’s hand without the need to go to a clinician, with it only taking about 15-20 minutes to perform a full update.

Users can also request specific features such as custom grip modes for specific tasks, which can be sent back to them as a custom firmware update.

Key Features