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Derived From The World-Leading COVVI Prosthetic Hand

With over 75 years of combined experience in prosthetic design; COVVI’s dedicated team has spent the last five years creating a world-leading, multi-articulated hand that is both highly functional and accessible.

We are now introducing COVVI Robotics, bringing the ground-breaking COVVI Hand, a state-of-the-art multi-articulated hand with the ability to complete complex manipulation tasks, to the robotics sector. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do and we’re passionate about delivering a first-class customer experience.

Get In Touch With Us

COVVI prides itself on putting our clients first, whether you’re a potential customer, a researcher looking to inquire about the hand or just are interested in COVVI Robotics and have a question regarding anything in the company, our expert Customer Service team is ready to help you with your questions.

Our aim is to help enable dexterous manipulation capabilities within the robotics sector. If you’re interested in what COVVI Robotics can offer you, we’d love to hear from you!

COVVI and Atkins Partnership

COVVI and Atkins are joining forces to bring truly cutting edge robotics to the nuclear industry. Building on Atkins’ patented work to deploy collaborative robots in the nuclear sector and COVVI’s expertise in prosthetic hand development and biomimicry, together, we have adapted COVVI’s bionic hand, enabling workers to perform a range of hazardous tasks remotely, with a high level of dexterity.

This solution will be used in glovebox operations to handle nuclear materials and waste, removing the need for operators to place hands in gloveboxes.

COVVI Robotics Key Features

Unrivalled Capabilities:

Built to uphold prosthetic market-leading dexterity, grip strength and speed standards. Our hand is lightweight,  comes in multiple sizes and has a range of quick change options available 

Individually Driven Fingers

Our robotic hand features passively flexing, spring-loaded fingers and thumb. Digits can also be driven as either a selected grip pattern, or directly using different control interfaces

Pressure Sensitive Fingertips

Fingertip pressure sensors provide a degree of tactile feedback from the hand to the control system or operator

Thumb Rotation & Novel Tap System:

This activates the powered thumb rotation and can be used as a grip switch trigger without myo inputs; allowing quick access to multiple grips with no inadvertent twisting of the hand in the socket

Bayonet Mounted Wrist

Our bayonet wrist mount allows customers to easily and securely attach the COVVI Robotic Hand to any robotic arm.

A New Level Of Control

The native communications interface uses CANbus and a USB conversion board is available (An ethernet conversion board is also currently in development)